The most important thing to me is that you are comfortable with the experience and that you get the quality professional photography services you are paying for.  So please take the time to understand how we move through the steps to make this a rewarding, fun experience.


Phone Call    It all starts with just phone call to say hello, answer your first questions and set up your initial FREE consultation.


Free Consultation    Your first visit is a FREE, no obligation in-house consultation. Modeling experience or even definite ideas of what to shoot are not necessary at this point. What is critical is sharing your photography goal with the photographer. Once you meet the photographer, see some of his work, take in the varied scenes available and discuss your photography goal, you will find that ideas of what to shoot and what to bring to the shoot will start to flow from both directions. Count on an hour for this consultation. Time, thought and honesty at this point helps considerably to have your finished photos meet your goal.

Prep Time   It will probably take at least a week between your consultation and shooting to give both of us time to get everything together necessary for your shooting. And if you have requested a custom background or theme, the prep time will of course depend on the complexity of the desired scene.

Private Shooting   Count on up to four hours for your private shooting. This gives enough time for you to make clothing, make-up and hair changes and hopefully enough time for me to make the lighting and prop changes as we move from one scene to another. There will not be anyone else scheduled after you so we can take the time necessary to get those absolutely great shots that are going to meet your expectations.

Proof Review   You can see your "raw' images at the end of your shooting or wait a week to see the images cropped, color-corrected and enhanced for your final selection. You pick the number of photos desired without the constraint of 'packages.' The photographer will happily offer opinions and 'tie-breakers' but the number of photos on your disc or finished prints is totally your choice. Costs will be explained in your consultation.

Delivery   Your digital images should be ready within a week of your shooting. Finished prints will require a few more days depending on the number and size.

Summary   Hopefully you now realize that Reflections does not offer a mass produced photo product. Your photos will be very personal, unique and customized to your looks, figure and photography goal. In addition to meeting your goal, you should find the overall experience to be fun, liberating and one heck of an ego boost!