About Your Photographer

Pete Stone has been a professional photographer in the Pensacola Florida area for over 30 years with 25 years at his present studio.  His specialty is making women 20-60 look good in photographs for their husband/boyfriend. Most of this work would probably be labeled glamour, boudoir and nudes.  His studio was custom built to support this type photography. 

Many of his clients have been so happy with his work that they have come back over the years for new photo shoots. 

Is a consultation really necessary?

This web site gives you some idea of my studio and what I shoot.  If you absolutely cannot get here for a consultation, we can still schedule a shooting.  If you can spare the time, a consultation is free with no obligation and your shooting will be much better if both of us are well prepared.  The more important the photos are to you, the more you will benefit from a consultation.

Do you provide hair and make-up services?

No.  I find that most of my customers are fully capable of hair and make-up required for most photo shoots.  I do have hair and make-up people I can recommend if the shooting requires their services.

Will you display my photos or post them on the internet?

No. Your confidentiality is our utmost concern.  Your photos will only be seen by the photographer, you and whoever you decide to share your photos with.   Occasionally I will ask a client for permission to user a particular photo of them in my advertising.   In those cases, the client will sign a specific release for a specific photo. 

Can I bring someone else with me to the consultation or the shooting?

Yes.  You can bring anyone who is over 18.  There is nothing in the studio to entertain or interest children.  If you want to bring someone, my best advice is to bring a girlfriend who will be supportive.  Boyfriends/husbands tend to get bored very quickly and want to either leave or try to direct without knowing what they are trying to direct.  During the shooting, your friend is welcome to see every scene before we shoot and offer opinions but will be asked to wait in the dressing room during the actual shooting.  Anyone not in the photos or shooting the photos is normally one person too many.

Will you offer suggestions during the consultation?

Yes.  I don't think I can refrain from offering suggestions.  Actually, I will ask a lot of questions and make a lot of suggestions to help me understand your goal, your limits and to help to best use your looks and figure to achieve your photo goal.  

Do you retouch your photographs?

Yes! I routinely soften wrinkles, remove small scars or cuts, and whiten smiles and other minor touch-ups.  If you have major scars or tattoos to remove, this will require more time and possible alter the cost of your shooting.

Does it matter if I don't have any modeling experience?

Not at all!  Most of my clients have been clerks, teachers, housewives, nurses, etc., with no modeling experience unless it was from an earlier shoot with me.  All women I have known have posing experience, even if it was just in the bedroom mirror.

Am I going to be nervous?

Probably.  Most (all) of my clients start off nervous.  I pride myself in making my clients feel comfortable quickly and most express how easy and how much fun the experience turns out to be.

Will all of my photos be good?

Sorry, but the answer is probably not.  This is not "cookie cutter" photography were every photo is the same as what was shot for the last customer.  I will be pushing both of us for great photographs and some of them may not make the grade.  When I see a potentially great photo, I will shot another 10 versions of that one pose.  By definition only one of these is going to be the best.  I shoot more that enough shots to meet your expectations without having to worry about the occasional blink or other problem by either of us.  Hopefully you will look at your proofs as a search for diamonds and be able to ignore the occasional goof or common photo.

Will I shock you if I am really honest about my photo goal?

No!  I have been shooting women for 30 years and I will give you a free lollipop if you request something I haven't previously shot.  You will have to take my word for it though because I can't show you anyone else's photos.  Regardless of your goal, your photos will be much better if you are totally honest about what you want and don't want from your shooting.  I am a much better photographer than a mind reader.

Do I have to have a tan?

Today's fashion is to have an overall tan.  If your tan is even but not deep enough for you, I can 'warm' the color in the finished prints. 

Can the shooting be modified after the consultation?

Certainly.  The consultation gives us both a good starting point for what to shoot and a minimum of what to bring to the shooting.  Many of the customers think of more they would like to bring after they have more thought time.  I just ask that you call if your new ideas require me to have additional props, etc..

Is there any music during the shoot?

Yes.  There is a CD player loaded with my music.  Feel free to bring your own music if you prefer.

How can I ask other questions?

Call me at 850-479-1396 or fill out the contact form here.